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What is Crystal Fairy Card Reading?

What is Crystal Fairy Card Reading?

Crystal Healing  with the Crystal Fairies is a step to reconnect with those elemental beings that you used to dance with as children, whose magic you felt when you played in the woods and watched the lights sparkle off the water! Do you remember? They remember you and though they still skip around you and exist with you, so many of us have forgotten how to connect with them.

I will reawaken your connection with the Crystal Fairy beings who exist as an aspect of kingdom of the Fae and the Crystal Kingdom. The knowledge contained in each crystal is accessed only through the permission of the crystal fairy who lives within.

These powerful beings, though called Fairy’s are not just twinkling around the sky with magic wands, they work with the very core of our being and our planet, they influence the elements themselves and by that very connection can support us with all aspects of our growth and development whether that is as a spiritual worker looking to open your psyche on a path to enlightenment or whether you are just curious about their world and want to connect with them.

By using fairy circles, fairy crystal grids, and card readings using my Crystals and Crystal Fairy Cards, I will support your healing and prophecy.

Fairy circles and fairy crystal grids need to be done in person however I can do 1 card daily readings, 1 card yearly reading, 3 card reading (daily/monthly/yearly) or even a 5 card reading virtually (each one explained in more detail below).